Today, when I came from dropping the orders off for shipping, I was greeted by the tiniest wishing well on my desk!   It appeared as if by magic (well, by the magic of Marc and the Glowforge), but still, it hadn’t been there when I left!  You know how all tiny things are adorable?  What a nice thing to come back to!  In Celtic, Norse, and Germanic folklore, it is believed that wishing wells are magical places in which any wish stated aloud will be granted.  And who better to make and grant wishes than fairies?!  This tiny delivery to my desk (the painting station) marks the beginning of our Fairy Door Accessories series - and frankly - I don’t know what else is coming, but what I do know is that it will be magical!


This piece was fun and easy to paint (today was a day I needed easy!), and assembled in just a few minutes.  We added the tiniest drop of wood glue here and there (it can be windy in Spring in Texas), and voila! Done!  Ready to add to our Fairy Door.