#Summersmade Creates Over 15,000 PPE Mask Tightener S-Hooks!

#Summersmade Creates Over 15,000 PPE Mask Tightener S-Hooks!

COVID-19 has had devastating repercussions world-wide, but it’s also brought out the best in our communities - from a safe distance, of course.  Our neighborhood is making face masks; sharing information about what’s in stock at the grocery store (and where to find things that aren’t); gifting toilet paper, milk, and eggs to neighbors; and donating things such as monitors, old laptops, etc., to those who are now homeschooling their children.










As of today, April 23, #Summersmade has manufactured over 15,000 S-hooks to keep our medical professionals’ ears pain-free, and we’re just getting started! We got started thanks to a neighbor asking if we could laser-cut some fabric for the masks she was creating; we did - then learned about the need to keep all masks on  comfortably.  We created some for our neighborhood nurses and essential employees (and still have a bucket with the freebies on our front porch if you’re local).  


Word began to spread - and we began getting requests from Indiana, Ohio, and various other locations.  Our S-hooks are now available through several avenues - on our porch (gratis if you’re local and can pick them up), or on this web store or our Etsy store. Our sales of these items cover the cost of manufacturing and require  postage only - we are doing our best to provide a community service to everyone who needs these products.

For more information, or to learn more about what we’re doing next, check us out on YouTube!  


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