Fairy Doors - A Bit of the Fantastic!

Fairy Doors - A Bit of the Fantastic!

When I was a kid, I saw Labyrinth with David Bowie in the theatre twice, and at least three-hundred times on VHS tape.  My best friend?  She saw it six times.  Six!  We play-acted that movie - every scene, every line - for at least three years after.  Back then, I could quote it word for word, and as Marc discovered when we watched it last year, I still can.  When her first son was born, I scoured the Earth to find him a pair of red-and-white-striped Toby pajamas.  I’m not sure what the attraction was exactly - as we weren’t quite old enough to be weirdly fascinated with David Bowie, so I guess it was the fantasy of it all - the idea of the fantastic!

That’s why I love our Fairy Doors.  There is something unique about each Volume, and yet, each Volume is part of a larger fantastical world, much like the goblins,Color shot - Stilleto with Mushroom Top House

the fire-people, the helping hands, and the Hoggles of Labyrinth, each with their own personalities and stories.  Even more fantastical, each of our Volumes is left open to your imagination.  
Do you see a mushroom?  A strawberry or watermelon?  Perhaps the front door decorated and adorned by a feisty Tooth Fairy?  Or one that’s a bit bedraggled, belonging to a rundown ragamuffin fairy?  That’s the fun of it, it’s left completely up to you!
Fairy Doors - Mushroom Roof, Plant in Front

A few days ago, Marc cut out the latest edition of Fairy Doors (Volume Eight), which are uh-may-zing! Whenever we create a new product, one of us gets to create a sample “finished product.”  I love our fairy doors, and each new one reminds me of something different.  This Volume in particular, from the moment I saw the design, made me think of the cute little Labyrinth worm Sarah meets.  You know, the one who says “Who?  Me?  No, I’m just a worm.  Come inside and have a nice cup-a tea.  Meet the missus.”  I think the missus put this plant here for adornment, and perhaps this is the plant from which she makes her nice cuppa tea?”

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